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Title: "Mitochondria in Cardiovascular Disease: Emerging Concepts and Novel Therapeutic Targets"
Date: Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th September, 2011
Venue: Kennedy Lecture Theatre, UCL Institute of Child Health, 30 Guilford Street, London WC1N 1EH
Organisers: Derek J Hausenloy, Sean Davidson and Michael Duchen.
Overview: Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. The role of mitochondria in the cardiovascular system has progressed far beyond their roles as the ATP-generating organelles of the cell, providing novel therapeutic targets for tackling cardiovascular disease. These emerging concepts and novel therapeutic opportunities were discussed in the BSCR Autumn 2011 meeting by eminent researchers in the field.
Programme: The programme consisted of state-of-the-art presentations by leaders in the field. Faculty included: Guido Kroemer (Institut Gustave Roussy, France), Roberta Gottlieb (Johns Hopkins University, US), Andrew Halestrap (Bristol University, UK) , Jeff Molkentin (University of Cincinatti, US), Luca Scorrano (University of Geneva, Switzerland), Derek J Hausenloy (University College London, UK), Renee Ventura-Clapier (France), Robert S Balaban (NHLBI, US), Sean M Davidson (University College London, UK), Paul Brookes (University of Rochester, US), Christoph Maack (Universitätsklinikum des Saarlandes, Germany), Giovanni E Mann (Kings College London, UK), Dale Abel (University of Utah, US), Rainer Schulz (University of Essen, Germany), Salvador Moncada (Wolfson Institute, UK), Michael Sack (NHLBI, US), Andrew Grace (Cambridge University, UK) and Rosario Rizzuto (Padova, Italy).
Webcasts: Many of the talks were recorded and are available as webcasts. The Society is very grateful to the following speakers who agreed to have their talks webcast: The BSCR acknowledges with grateful thanks the efforts of Dr Andrew Flett, who set up the webcasting system.

The Bernard and Joan Marshall Young Investigator Prize was won by
Joe Burgoyne (King's College, London).
YI Prize Award
The prize was presented by Debbie Marshall, niece of Bernard and Joan Marshall.
The Bernard and Joan Marshall Research Excellence Award was won by
Joseph Wu (Stanford University, USA).
Research Excellence Award
The prize was presented by Debbie Marshall, niece of Bernard and Joan Marshall.
The BSCR Prize for best oral presentation from a selected abstract was won by
Susan Chalmers (University of Strathclyde).
'Mitochondrial motility and vascular smooth muscle proliferation'
BSCR Prize Award
The prize was presented by Dr Chris Newman.
Clinical Science have generously sponsored a Poster Prize, which was won by
Tatyana Andrienko and Andreas Rossbach (University of Bristol).
'Monitoring the levels of the reactive oxygen species on the whole heart and in single cardiomyocytes during ischaemia-reperfusion'
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