The British Society for Cardiovascular Research


Autumn 2014 Meeting

Deadline - Saturday 23rd August

Cardiovascular Signalling in Health and Disease

Organised by Sam Boateng, Carolyn Carr and Katrina Bicknell, the meeting will be held at the University of Reading, Palmer Building, on September 8th-9th 2014.

Pharmacology 2014

16-18th December 2014 (London)

Two dedicated cardiovascular symposia: Advances and challenges for cardioprotection: getting to the heart of the matter and Targeting metabolism - Exploring new therapeutic strategies for the heart, which are embedded BSCR symposia organized by Dr Sean Davidson.

BSCR/BAS Spring Meeting 2015

8-10th June 2015 (Manchester)

New Frontiers in Cardiovascular Research

Scientific sessions:
  • Altering blood vessel growth to reduce cardiovascular disease
  • Unravelling the structural basis of cardiovascular disease through the application of advanced imaging techniques
  • Vascular calcification
  • Systemic inflammation and cardiovascular disease

BSCR/British Society for Gene Therapy Joint Meeting

11-12th June 2015 (Glasgow)

Cell therapy for cardiovascular disease in the 21st century: a reflective and prospective update

Scientific sessions:
  • Cardiac repair and regeneration
  • Vascular repair and regeneration
  • Cardiac repair and regeneration
  • Clinical applications

BSCR Autumn Meeting 2015

7th and 8th September 2015 (Glasgow)

Translation of cardiovascular science to the clinic

Scientific sessions:
  • Basic science concepts: ready for clinical translation?
  • Translation of cardiovascular science to the clinic
  • Overviews of experiences in translational research
  • New horizons in personalised cardiovascular medicine


Members of the BSCR who wish to organise a meeting, symposium or workshop are encouraged to approach the officers of the Society (the Secretary in the first instance). Potential organisers may download the current BSCR Rules for Main Meetings and BSCR Rules for Workshops, in PDF format, below.

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