3rd Immuno-Metabolic Mechanisms of Atherosclerosis Conference

May 1, 2022
May 4, 2022
Tulkal, Mexico

About This Event

Christoph Binder (Medical University of Vienna), Ziad Mallat (University of Cambridge) and Eicke Latz (University of Bonn) return as conference Chairs for the 3rd Immuno-Metabolic Mechanisms of Atherosclerosis conference which will take place from 01 - 04 May 2022 at the beautiful Fiesta Americana Tulkal Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Atherosclerosis and its complications remain the primary cause of death in the industrialized world and emerging economies worldwide. Dyslipidemia constitutes a significant risk factor for the development and progression of atherosclerotic lesions but may also lead to systemic disturbances - particularly metabolic dysfunction - that also influence cellular metabolism and function. This third meeting in the series will bring together a restricted but high level group of scientists from different disciplines and career levels – creating a cross-fertilization among scientists from various backgrounds and enabling thorough discussions of the latest research.

The main objective is to provide attendees with a comprehensive overview of current research on atherosclerosis with a focus on the latest and most exciting developments in the immuno-metabolic mechanisms that govern disease initiation and progression. There is little doubt that the next most exciting therapy to combat cardiovascular disease will be based on targeting biological pathways that will have been discussed during this conference.