Ambassador update: Dr Jovana Serbanovic-Canic

May's ambassadors update

Dr Jovana Serbanovic-Canic

BHF Intermediate Basic Science Research Fellow

Department of Infection, Immunity & Cardiovascular Disease, University of Sheffield

I am a BHF Intermediate Fellow based at the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health at the University of Sheffield.

My group’s research is focused on mechanoreceptors on endothelial cells which convert mechanical signals associated with blood flow into physiological changes.  Disturbed blood flow conditions lead to endothelial cell injury, which contributes to the development of cardiovascular disease.  In order to identify mechanoreceptors that regulate endothelial cell death in response to mechanical forces, I am integrating a number of different models, including zebrafish embryos, murine models and human cells.  Understanding the function and downstream pathways of these mechanoreceptors may provide useful targets for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

I had two career breaks to raise family and have found that having support from both colleagues at work and family at home is key to achieving a good work-life balance.  I love languages – in addition to English and my native Serbian, I speak decent German and some basic Portuguese. Since October 2021, I have been Membership Representative for the BSCR.

Selected publications:

  1. Souilhol C, Serbanovic-Canic J, Fragiadaki M, Chico TJ, Ridger V, Roddie H and Evans PC. Endothelial responses to shear stress in atherosclerosis: a novel role for developmental genes. Nat Rev Cardiol. 2020;17:52-63.
  2. Serbanovic-Canic J, de Luca A, Warboys C, Ferreira PF, Luong LA, Hsiao S, Gauci I, Mahmoud M, Feng S, Souilhol C, Bowden N, Ashton JP, Walczak H, Firmin D, Krams R, Mason JC, Haskard DO, Sherwin S, Ridger V, Chico TJ and Evans PC. Zebrafish Model for Functional Screening of Flow-Responsive Genes. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2017;37:130-143.